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Who We Are

Local To Locals promotes products that are produced and sold by locally and independently owned manufacturers and retailers. Our mission is to create consumer brand awareness for local products to enrich and support local economies and communities.

We want to keep local businesses thriving so ‘Main St.’ never disappears, and multi-generational businesses continue for generations to come. We strive to keep the American Dream alive, reminding individuals they can confidently become entrepreneurs and build successful businesses despite a growing global economy. We want our participants to be at ease knowing local communities are still here to serve and support local businesses.

Small businesses, including both manufacturers and retailers, face common struggles and obstacles to build and achieve sustainable businesses that support the owners, their employees, their families, their customers, their suppliers, and their communities. The Local to Locals concept unifies local business owners towards this common goal by helping to strengthen relationships within the local ecosystem and overcome the challenges faced by small businesses in a global economy.

The Local to Locals movement also furthers the “shop local” movement that has become increasingly more popular in society today. Sometimes shopping and supporting local is not as easy and transparent as it may seem. Shopping locally does not necessarily mean an individual is buying a local product, and buying locally does not necessarily mean an individual is shopping at a local retailer.

The Logo

Our logo is our identity, and yes, it is who we are. The Local To Locals logo is compromised of interweaving threads, symbolizing the connection and strength that is possible when local businesses and communities support each other. The logo lets the consumers know everything about a product is local, from where it originated to where it was sold. This concept and movement can apply to any individual city, state, or market.

The logo is available for use by manufacturers and retailers upon approval by Local to Locals. Any product that bares the logo will be displayed on the Local to Locals website, along with the corresponding manufacturer and all retail locations. The logo can also be used on signage, displays, and other forms of advertising.

Through the logo and website, Local To Locals provides daily brand awareness, exposure, and advertising for local manufacturers, retailers, and products. The designation allows your product and business to stand out from non-local competitors who otherwise would not qualify. This unique form of marketing and branding is intended to help local businesses grow and thrive.


10% of Local to Locals revenues will be given back to local charities, small business initiatives throughout the state, and local infrastructure. We also strive to create good local jobs within our company as well as yours.